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I.C.I Group membership 2019/2020 is open. By Mohamed Ben Hamed.

I.C.I Group is leading the way to small and medium-sized companies in order they make appropriate decisions in exporting and they be able to face up to the competitiveness demands of international business. In practice,the organization is régularly  organizing meetings and workshops with business leaders,providing expertise and solutions in exporting and publishing specialized articles in its Website. So much so that I.C.I Group’s Website (http://www.ici-groupe.org) counts today more than 23 000 users and followers in Tunisia and around the world and is becoming a largest focused community on Internet.

But as a non-profit organization, the I.C.I Group reaches its funding limits for the actions planned for 2019 and 2020 and suffers from a critical lack of human resources to carry out these actions. That is why we are now looking for new memberships and we are pleased to announce that I.C.I Group membership 2019/2020 is open to all volunteers and individuals with skills in the following areas: New technologies,Innovation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital, Competitive Intelligence and Monotoring &Evaluation. ‘The membership fee is relatively small (200DT by year) compared to the investment being made by I.C.I Group..

By signing the membership form (it will be sent to you by mail upon request), you will not only support the organization but also you will:

  • Join a community of professionals;
  • Share your experience with business leaders;
  • Improve the quality  of the expertise of I.C.I Group.

We welcome you and we welcome your support.

Looking to hear from you soonest.

Best regards.

M.Ben Hamed (President of ICI Group)..


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