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Calender of upcoming actions & events of I.C.I Group in 2020.

When it is difficult to select a foreign market.When international competitiveness becomes a key factor to increase the chances of success in exporting and when difficult decisions must be made to build an efficient export strategy, I.C.I Group is leading the way to small and medium-sized Tunisian and worlwide enterprises (SMEs) that make exporting the heart of their international development and growth strategy and are looking to a sustainable and smart development in international business.

At this effect,our organization is pleased to announce the calender of its upcoming host actions and professional events in 2020 that worlwide subscribers and followers of I.C.I Group and business leaders will  want to attend :

Host actions:

  • Creating of Newsletters;
  • Creating of a forum on our Website www.ici-groupe.org ;
  • Partnership development with foreign embassies and international organizations.

Professional events:

  • Organization of  a I.C.I Group’s lunch-learn every two months with business leaders on determinant factors to success in international business;
  • Organization of Quarterly Workshops “I.C.I Group’s mornings“: Co-thinking and co-working spaces with business leaders on exporting, on international competitiveness and on hierarchy of stratgic choices and export investment priorities;
  • Organisation of an annual survey of SMEs  to collect feedback.

I.C.I Group is open to every expert, consultant, business leader and anyone who wants to work with us on this project. Together we can make a difference. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us by E-mail at nbh.set@planet.tn and to express your point of view or remark.

Thank you by advance for your interest and cooperation.

Mohamed Ben Hamed


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