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2020: I.C.I Group’s objectives. By Mohamed Benhamed.

2020: I.C.I Group’s objectives. By Mohamed Benhamed.

As a non-profit organization, I.C.I Group has or over the past 6 years providing free advice, leads and concrete solutions in international business. It has been also giving helping hand to small and midium enterprises to take on the challenges associated with innovation, non-price competitiveness, exporting and entry new markets.

This would not have been possible without the persevrerance and expertise of I.C.I Group’s members,trust expressed by entrepreneurs  toward our organization, continuous actions  and relevant articles published on our Website (www.ici-groupe.org) and Linkedin.

Givinng the rising complexity of exporting today and giving that in this time of constant competition where non-price competitiveness becomes a determining  factor for success  in international  business, I.C.I Group intends to focus in 2020 on business leaders in order to create positive changes together through new approaches and ways of thinking and to envisage relevant actions that excite and engage them in the future.


In this perspective, the most important objectives of I.C.I Group  for 2020 are:

  1. Sharing export experiences with entrepreneurs and creating positive debates;
  2. Catering to their interrogations and demands associated with non-price competitiveness;
  3. Put every entrepreneur in a position to think and to decide for himself the levers of non-price competitiveness to adopt into the strategy of developmpent and growth of his company.

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