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How to promote an inclusive economy  for society and business in Tunisia? By Mohamed Ben Hamed.
I.C.I Group’s on line forum “The day after Covid-19 & Tunisian enterprises” hosted on 22th April 2020.
3 – Going international for small business: How to build an export marketing plan? By M. Benhamed.
2 – Going international for small businesses : How to develop an adaptation strategy based on product adaptation?.
1 – Going international for small businesses : How to do concise and effective market research?By M.Benhamed.
EXPORTING (6): Why it is time for small and medium-sized businesses to go international? By M.Benhamed.
EXPORTING (5): What are the important mistakes beginners make? M.Benhamed.
EXPORTING (4): Concretely,how to do exporting? M.Benhamed.
Exporting (3): 1st step, building up an export strategy. By M.Benhamed.

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